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live with Toubab Krewe and John Brown’s Body

acrylic on canvas, 24”x30”

Live with The Mantras, The Werks, TGB, and The Family @ The Bling Tiger, Greensboro, NC

Acrylic on wood, 24”x48”

- TR

Live at Camp Bisco with PlayLow and Bookworm

acrylic on wood


My  live painting from Camp Bisco


Live with Conspirator, Duende Mtn Duo, and Indobox

Charlotte, NC



Live with 12th Planet, Tim Trouble, Crewless and others

April 1, 2011 Greensboro, NC


Me painting with Midnight Ace @ Dexfest 2009

live @ Bass Center Afterparty at The Garage with Eliot Lipp, Mindelixir, and Thump

- TR


All Good, 2009

- TR

- TR, 2009